Add Machine - Mazak Monitoring

Add Machine - Mazak Monitoring

PDF with pictures attached below.

In FactoryWiz:

  1. Login as an Admin
  3. ADD
  4. Input the name of the machine
  5. Set the machine type to Mazak
  6. Set IP address
  7. Save.
  9. Increase the Mazak license allocation accordingly and save
  10. Restart the RYM Mazak service in CONFIG > Services

On the CNC:

Note: This procedure does NOT work for the Linux based SMART controller. SMART controlled machines need the MTConnect option from Mazak

  1. You must be familiar with navigating in Windows to follow this procedure. If you are uncomfortable with navigating in Windows and doing things like adding shortcuts to the start menu, you should NOT be attempting this procedure.

  2. You probably have a folder called “C:\CPCU\FMCNC” on the CNC controller. If you do not, you may copy the FMCNC folder (do not recommend copying the whole CPCU folder) from another CNC. In our experience they have always been backward compatible. RYM does not provide or distribute this software.

  3. Create a shortcut in the windows startup folder to run the program “C:\CPCU\FMCNC\FUSIONCLIENT.EXE”

  4. Run the FUSIONCLIENT.EXE program

  5. In your system tray (that area in the bottom‐right of your screen where the clock is) find the

    FusionClient icon and double‐click on it. It will look like the icon pictured on the right.

  6. When the FusionClient runs, different versions may look slightly different, but the layout of the

    software is generally the same. You will have tabs at the top. The first tab labeled “Communication” will be where you configure your CNC to transmit data to FactoryWiz. Click on this, then click on Change Settings.



7. If you have an existing host configured, this may be left over from something else (recommend you delete it and start fresh). Then click Add.

8. On the add new monitoring host screen, put in anything you want for the network name of the host – that will only appear on the CNC’s config page. The IP address of the host must be the IP address of the FactoryWiz server. Do not use DHCP for host addressing. Use 51001 for the UDB receive port and set host compatibility to level 4.

9. In the CyberMonitor utility there are two buttons – Close and Hide. Close will stop transmitting data. Hide will make the screen go away. Many people click Close by accident – but you can prevent this. Back at the main screen go to the Parameters tab then click Change Settings.

  1. In the parameter change window ensure that the option to enable the Close Button is NOT CHECKED. Click OK. Then click Hide.

  2. The remaining configuration is on the FactoryWiz server. When in the Modify CNC settings screen go to the Mazak Specific settings tab. Ensure the IP address of this CNC is entered. Make sure you have an adequate license for the number of Mazaks to be enabled. Under Services, STOP the Mazak service, then START the Mazak service.

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